Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lost Prayers #3

Acts of Homage to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, Part 1: Prayer

Heart of Jesus in the Eucharist, sweet companion in our exile, I adore Thee.
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, I adore Thee.
Heart solitary, Heart humiliated, I adore Thee.
Heart abandoned, Heart forgotten, I adore Thee.
Heart despised, Heart outraged, I adore Thee.
Heart ignored by men, I adore Thee.
Heart, lover of our hearts, I adore Thee.
Heart desirous of being loved, I adore Thee.
Heart patient in waiting for us, I adore Thee.
Heart eager to hear us, I adore Thee.
Heart longing to be prayed to, I adore Thee.
Heart source of new graces, I adore Thee.
Heart, wrapped in silence, desiring to speak to souls, I adore Thee.
Heart, the sweet refuge of the hidden life, I adore Thee.
Heart, the teacher of the secrets of union with God, I adore Thee.
Heart of Him who sleeps, yet ever watches, I adore Thee.
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, have pity on us.
Jesus victim, I desire to console Thee.
I unite myself to Thee, and sacrifice myself with Thee.
I annihilate myself in Thy presence.
I would forget myself to be mindful of Thee.
I would be forgotten and despised for love of Thee.
And be neither understood nor loved, unless by Thee.
I will silence myself to listen to Thee; I will abandon myself to lose myself in Thee.
Grant that I may thus appease Thy thirst, the thirst for my sanctification and salvation, and that being purified I may bestow on Thee a pure and true love.
I would no longer weary Thy patience; take possession of me; I give myself to Thee.
I offer Thee all my actions, my intellect to be illuminated by Thee, my heart to be guided by Thee, my will to be made strong, my soul and body to be nourished, my misery to be lightened.
Eucharistic Heart of my Jesus, whose blood is the life of my soul, may it be no longer I that live, but do Thou alone live in me. Amen.

(This prayer comes from the 1910 edition of the Raccolta.)

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