Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reflection for Holy Week, Part 2

Thursday – He Loved His Own

“He loved His own in the world and He loved them to the end.”

Jesus loves His own. We are His own. He loves us so much that He gave His life for us to save us from our sins and to open the gates of Heaven.

Jesus loves us so much that He gives us the sacraments. He washes us clean and fills us with sanctifying grace in Baptism. He forgives our sins and fills us with grace in Confession. He gives us Himself, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, in the Eucharist, entering our bodies and our hearts to fill us with His presence.

Jesus loves us so much that He gives us His Word in the Scriptures that we may know and love Him more. He deepens His Word through Tradition and guides our interpretation through the Magisterium that we may always grasp the truth.

Jesus loves us so much that He meets us in prayer. He always hears and answers us when we pray, and our prayers really do make a difference.

Jesus loves us so much that He wants to be with us for all eternity. May we always love Him and draw close to Him now and forever. Amen.

Friday – Man of Suffering

On this Good Friday as we reflect on how much Jesus suffered for us, take some time to read the Passion Narrative in John's Gospel (18:1-19:42), focusing particularly on Jesus' response to His suffering. At each stage of the Passion, meditate on Jesus' words and actions. Take them into your heart and allow Jesus to speak to you about how you should imitate Him in the midst of your own sufferings and trials. End with a prayer of thanksgiving to your God who loves you so much that He died for you.

Saturday – Quiet Waiting

Holy Saturday is a day of quiet waiting. Jesus lays in the tomb. The world is still. We are still as we anticipate His resurrection.

Quiet your mind today. Enter into the stillness of God's presence in your soul. Close your eyes and spend some time in silent prayer. Learn to wait in peace and patience. Our God will arise. He will come to us, and joy will reign.

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