Sunday, October 6, 2019

Interacting with Samuel, Part 5

Let's continue our journey through the First Book of Samuel. Remember, these questions are designed to help us interact deeply with the text, and more importantly with the Author of the text, i.e., God. They are meant to start up a meditation and a conversation that begin with God's Word and lead into a personal encounter with our Lord.

1 Samuel 9

*What does this chapter tell and show us about Saul's character? What is he like as a person? Which of Saul's features does the text emphasize?

*Is Saul cut out to be the king of Israel? Why or why not?

*Why does God choose Saul to be king? What point is He trying to make to His people?

*What might Saul think when Samuel invites him to the sacrifice and places him in the seat of honor? Does he understand what is going on? Why or why not?

*What might be Samuel's initial impression of Saul?

1 Samuel 10

*Samuel anoints Saul with a great outpouring of oil and kisses him. These are actions of consecration and homage that change Saul's status from private person to God's anointed. When have you experienced meaningful signs like these?

*Samuel gives Saul three signs to watch for; what are they? All three signs reveal that Saul is to take over the kingship, and they show him the responsibilities involved in his new duties. What do the three signs teach Saul?

*The Holy Spirit comes down upon Saul at Gibeah. Why is this important?

*Why doesn't Saul tell his uncle what has really happened to him?

*Samuel anoints Saul privately first and then “chooses” him by lot before all the people. Why does he perform this two-part selection? How is God in control of both events?

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