Monday, July 1, 2019

Interacting with Samuel, Part 4

Let's continue our journey through the First Book of Samuel. Remember, these questions are designed to help us interact deeply with the text, and more importantly with the Author of the text, i.e., God. They are meant to start up a meditation and a conversation that begin with God's Word and lead into a personal encounter with our Lord.

1 Samuel 7

*Samuel tells the Israelites that if they wish to return to the Lord, they must do three things. What are those three things?

*What kinds of idols do we need to put away if we are to focus on God?

*Describe the attitude of the Israelites as they face another Philistine threat.

*What does Samuel do in the face of the Philistine threat?

*How does God fight for the Israelites? How does He fight our battles?

1 Samuel 8

*Why do the Israelites want a king? Are their motives good, bad, or somewhere in between?

*What is God's response to the Israelites' demand? Why does He respond in this way?

*What are the Israelites really telling God with their demand for a king?

*Samuel is quite clear about what a king will demand of Israel; list some of the points he makes.

*How convincing are Samuel's arguments?

*How do the Israelites respond to Samuel? Why?

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