Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Interacting with Samuel, Part 2

Let's continue our journey through the First Book of Samuel. Remember, these questions are designed to help us interact deeply with the text, and more importantly with the Author of the text, i.e., God. They are meant to start up a meditation and a conversation that begin with God's Word and lead into a personal encounter with our Lord.

1 Samuel 3

*Why was the word of the Lord rare in the days of Samuel's youth?

*The young Samuel is sleeping in God's own temple; what does this tell us about Samuel?

*Why does Samuel mistakenly think Eli is calling him? Why is Eli slow to realize that God is calling Samuel?

*How does Samuel's obedience assist him in his ministry at Shiloh and prepare him for his role as God's judge, prophet, and priest?

*How does Samuel's response, “Speak, for Your servant hears,” put Samuel in the right mode for the young man to receive God's revelation?

*What does God reveal to Samuel? Why would God tell Samuel these things?

*How does Eli respond to Samuel's recitation of God's revelation? What does this response tell us about Eli?

1 Samuel 4

*Why does God allow the Philistines to defeat Israel in battle?

*The Israelites decide to bring the Ark of the Covenant up from Shiloh; why is this such a horrible idea (and not just because the Ark is captured)? What does this tell us about the Israelites' attitude toward God and toward holy things?

*What point is God trying to make by permitting the Philistines to capture the Ark?

*How does the prophecy against Eli and his family begin to be fulfilled?

*Just before she dies, Phinehas' wife declares that the “glory has departed from Israel”; what does she mean? How else might we interpret that statement?

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