Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reflection for the 4th Week of Easter, Part 2

Thursday – Understand and Do

Jesus has just washed the disciples' feet. He has explained to them that He has provided them with a model of service that they are to practice in imitation of Him. “If you understand this,” He concludes, “blessed are you if you do it.”

There are two parts to Jesus' statement: understand and do. The first part is described by the Greek verb oida, and it means to perceive, to discern, to discover, to experience, and to know. People who understand something have taken it in and made it part of themselves.

But this isn't the end. Understanding, the internal part, must lead to something external, to doing. The Greek verb here is poieō. It is an action word that means to make or to do or to cause.

So knowledge must translate into action. The disciples must first understand what it means for Jesus to be their servant and wash their feet, but they can't stop there. They must then do the same and become servants to others, fully grasping the significance of their acts.

Understand and do.

(Information about Greek vocabulary comes from

Friday – Many Dwelling Places

What a beautiful image Jesus gives us in today's Gospel: “In My Father's house there are many dwelling places.”

Just meditate on this for a while. God has a perfect place for each of us in His house, a place exactly suited to us, a place where we can be completely fulfilled, a place where we can know Him intimately.

It's waiting for us. He's waiting for us. May we persevere in His grace and love and make it home to Him and to the perfect place He has prepared. Amen.

Saturday – Delighted

The Gentiles were delighted when they heard the words of Paul and Barnabas. Salvation had come to them! They could finally know God! They rejoiced. They celebrated. They praised God! This was something truly amazing.

How do we respond when we hear the message of salvation? Are we joyful? Are we delighted to go to Mass each week to hear God's word and receive Jesus in the Eucharist? Do we praise God for His amazing gifts? Do we take the opportunity to get to know Him better and better? Are we like the Gentiles who heard Paul and Barnabas with joy?

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