Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reflection for the 2nd Week of Christmas, Part 1

Monday – A Promise

God has made us a promise: eternal life. How do we grasp that promise? How do we make it our own? First we must let the Word of God remain in us. The truths of our faith must be planted firmly in our hearts and minds and souls. Further, when these truths become part of us, we must live them out each and every day in the choices that we make and the love that we show.

Then, when what we have heard remains firmly in us, then we remain firmly in the Father and the Son. We share in Their divine life. We live in intimacy with Them. We absorb Their grace and enjoy Their presence in our very depths.

When this happens, we begin to partake of God's promise even as we still live on earth. Eternal life is life with God. We have it already in part now, and if we continue to follow the path of God's will, we will have it in abundance forever in Heaven. We can know that for sure because God always keeps His promises.

Tuesday – Recognition

John the Baptist recognized Jesus as the Lamb of God, the One Who would take away the sins of the world, the One Who existed before him, the One for Whom he came to prepare the way.

Indeed, John had been given a special way of recognizing the One Who was to come. God told him that one day he would see the Spirit descend and remain upon someone he was baptizing. This would be the One he was awaiting.

Of course, it happened just as God said. The Spirit descended upon Jesus like a dove and remained upon Him. Then John recognized Who Jesus truly was, and he didn't hesitate for a moment to testify that this One was the Son of God.

Wednesday – Come, and You Will See

Come, and you will see. You will see how much I love you. You will discover My grace. You will receive an outpouring of faith and hope. I will give you strength and courage, wisdom and knowledge, patience, peace, and joy. You will learn of the plans I have for you and for the world, plans for your ultimate good. You will start living eternity right now because you will be with Me. Come to Me. Don't hesitate. Don't be afraid. Come, and you will see.

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