Thursday, December 22, 2016

Reflection for the 4th Week in Advent, Part 2

Thursday – Unexpected Opposites

Today's Responsorial Psalm features the song of Hannah from the First Book of Samuel. As Hannah thanks and praises God for the gift of her son, Samuel, she points out that God often deals in unexpected opposites.

Those who were mighty and strong find themselves weak while those who were tottering become strong. Those who had plenty of food must hire themselves out for a little bread while those who were starving suddenly have more than enough to eat. Women who have had many children find themselves abandoned while barren women rejoice to bear many strong sons. Those who are rich become poor while those who are poor become rich.

But none of this happens by random chance. Hannah recognizes God's hand in all of it. His plan is operating smoothly. He ordains or allows everything for a reason. He is in control and working for our good at every turn, even when the unexpected strikes.

May we rejoice with Hannah that our God holds us firmly in His hands. His plan is perfect. May we cooperate with it fully in all its twists and turns, knowing that God works everything for the ultimate good of those who love Him. Amen.

Friday – Who Is This?

Who is this? Zechariah and Elizabeth's neighbors wondered about the baby born to the elderly, barren couple. The circumstances surrounding his birth were absolutely amazing. Who would have thought that Zechariah and Elizabeth would conceive after all these years? And clearly something strange had happened when Zechariah was serving in the Temple. He hadn't said a word for nine whole months afterward, and he didn't seem to be able to hear anything either.

Then there was the business about the child's name. The neighbors thought to honor the father by naming the child after him, but Elizabeth was adamant that the boy's name was John. When they approached Zechariah to ask him about the child's name, he had simply written “John is his name.” Then his ears opened, and his tongue was freed, and words of praise for God poured out.

So who is this child anyway? The neighbors wondered. There must be something special about him. God's hand was clearly upon him. What would happen? They would just have to wait and see.

Saturday – Dawn from on High

Dawn from on High, break upon us.
Enlighten our minds.
Illuminate our hearts.
Let us shine with Your love and radiate faith and hope.
Glow within us, filing us with Your light and warmth.
Dawn from on High, break upon us.

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  1. Thank you for your insights. Your reminder that our Lord is indeed working all circumstances for my ultimate good is precisely what I needed today. Many blessings to you and yours at this wonderful time of the Church year.