Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Reflection for the 28th Week in Ordinary Time, Part 2

Thursday – Sing

“Sing to the Lord a new song!” Have you ever noticed that the Scriptures are filled with music? Someone is always singing praise to God or lamenting in song or even working out difficult problems through music (check out Psalm 49).

Do you ever sing to God? And I don't mean mumbling your way through the songs at Mass but really singing out from the heart in praise or even in pain. We are all called to make music before God. It doesn't matter how good your voice is or if you have any musical ability at all. Music is an integral part of human life, and like ever other element of human existence, it should be used to draw us closer to God.

So find a song you love, and sing it to God, or maybe even compose a brand new song in His honor. Whatever you do, see if you can follow the Psalmist's advice and sing to God. It's good practice for Heaven!

Friday – Sparrows

God keeps track of every little sparrow. He knows each one. Even though humans don't value these insignificant birds very much, God does.

How much more, then, does He know and value us? He has even counted every single hair on our heads.

Therefore, we shouldn't be afraid. God is in charge, and He knows us better than we know ourselves. He cares for us. He sees everything that happens to us. He guides us on the paths He wants for us, but we have to cooperate with Him. We have to open our hearts to His grace. We have to accept His guidance and help. We have to embrace His love and remember what Jesus says: “You are worth more than many sparrows.”

Saturday – Knowledge of God

How do we come to know God? We can know Him a bit through our reason, at least that He exists and is the first Cause and Creator of the universe. But our reason is limited by our human nature and marred by sin, so we need something more.

We need the “spirit of wisdom and revelation” that St. Paul mentions in his letter to the Ephesians. In other words, God must reveal Himself to us and give us the wisdom to receive the revelations if we are to truly know Him, at least as much as our human minds ever can. He must enlighten us, pour His brilliance into us, if we are to understand His characteristics and His actions.

But the good news is that God wants us to know Him! He wants to give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation. He wants to enlighten us. He wants a real relationship with us. For that's what the word “knowledge” means here. In Greek, it's epignōsis, and it doesn't refer to simply knowing about someone or being acquainted with the facts. It denotes a personal knowledge received through direct contact. This is the knowledge of intimacy, the knowledge of love, the knowledge of a life lived in communion. This is the kind of knowledge God wants to give each one of us. He is willing and able to do so. Our job is to open our hearts and minds and drink in all we can of the knowledge and love that God so generously and lovingly provides.

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