Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reflection for the 11th Week in Ordinary Time, Part 2

Thursday – The Power of God

Have you ever stopped to think about how powerful God is? Look at today's psalm. God has control over all the elements, fire, earth, air, water. Fire flies out before Him, consuming His foes. Lightning flashes. Mountains tremble and melt. The whole earth falls down in worship before His glory.

Yet this all-powerful God loves us. He stoops down to care for us. He pours out His grace upon us. He forgives our sins. This all-powerful God became man and died to save us and open the gates of Heaven that we might live with Him for all eternity.

God is both transcendent, very far above us and more powerful than we can ever imagine, and imminent, closer to us than we are to ourselves and more in love with us than we can ever imagine. What a truly awesome God He is!

Friday – Treasure in Heaven

“But store up treasures in Heaven...” Where are your treasures? In a bank account? In your house or garage? At the office? What are your treasures? Money? Possessions? Fame? Your career?

Jesus tells us to store up treasures in Heaven. Treasures on earth don't last. They get used up or stolen. They can fade away quickly by mere changes in circumstance. But the treasures we have in Heaven last for eternity. 

What are these heavenly treasures? Grace, love, virtue, prayer, good works, and most of all an intimate relationship with God. These are the treasures we should hunt for. These are the treasures we should hang onto. These are the treasures we should set our hearts on because these are the treasures that we will enjoy always.

Saturday – A Brave Prophet

A prophet's life is never easy. Zechariah found that out in a hurry. The corrupt King Joash didn't like to hear what the Holy Spirit had to say through Zechariah, but Zechariah told him anyway. The king was breaking commandments right and left and, in doing so, had abandoned God. Therefore, God had abandoned the king in return.

Joash didn't hesitate to order that Zechariah be stoned to death. The brave prophet died with God's name on his lips, predicting that Joash would soon be punished for his actions, which, of course, he was.

Some day we, too, may be called to be brave like Zechariah. The Holy Spirit may prompt us to speak a message to the world that the world doesn't want to hear. And we may be persecuted for speaking out, perhaps even to death, just like Zechariah was. But fear didn't stop Zechariah, and it shouldn't stop us. We belong to God, and we are to spread His message and His ways throughout the whole world, continually, faithfully, and bravely, no matter what the cost.

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