Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Little Something Extra...The Resurrection of the Lord

An Easter Basket for Jesus

Happy Easter!!!

Have you noticed how commercialized Easter is becoming? It seems second only to Christmas in gift-giving, and messages of “Fill those Easter baskets!” and “Buy more candy!” are everywhere. It's easy to get caught up in hoopla. While it's fun to give Easter baskets and enjoy sweet treats, we have to be careful not to forget the true meaning of Easter Sunday. 

In order to focus our attention on our Risen Lord, let's assemble the perfect Easter basket for Jesus. We'll include the following:

1. Attendance at Mass on Easter Sunday – Don't just be present in body; be present in mind and heart with great love for our Risen Lord.

2. A close reading of the Easter Scriptures – Sometimes hearing them at Mass isn't enough. Spend some time outside Mass carefully and attentively listening to God's Word in the Bible. The readings are available at the USCCB website.

3. The glorious mysteries of the Rosary – Meditate especially on Jesus' Resurrection.

4. The Stations of the Cross – This might seem a little strange, praying the Stations of the Cross on Easter Sunday, but to truly appreciate the Resurrection, we must remember what Jesus went through to get to it.

5. A kind deed – It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Just do something nice for someone.

6. A heartfelt thanksgiving – Take a few minutes to express in your own words what Jesus' death and Resurrection mean to you and to thank Him for all He has done.

These are simple gifts, but we can be sure that if we present them to Jesus with open, loving hearts, He will receive them with gratitude and shower His own gifts back onto us in wonderful ways. 

May the Risen Lord Jesus bless you and give you new life through His death and Resurrection. Amen.

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