Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Tree Meditations

As Christmas approaches, the pace of life accelerates. The days fly by, consumed with Christmas preparations, and by the time we're ready to fall into bed at night, the last thing we feel like doing is meditating, even though we know we should.

Have you every thought about meditating on your Christmas tree? Yes, you read that right. Meditate on your Christmas tree. Take a look at some examples. 

1. Your tree is an evergreen, which can serve as a symbol of God, Who is eternal and always present, even in the dead of a spiritual winter.

2. Do you have colored lights on your tree? Think about what the colors can stand for: red for the blood of Christ; blue for Mary; green for new life; yellow for the warmth of God's love; orange for the fire of the Holy Spirit.

3. Perhaps you have clear lights on your tree. Those could trigger a prayer for clarity of vision that you may better discern God's plan for you and His work in your life.

4. Is there an angel at the top of your tree? Meditate on the angels, who they are and what they do, and say a little prayer to your own guardian angel.

5. Most people have a star on the tree either as an ornament or a topper. Ponder the star in the Christmas story. Why did God choose to use a star to point the magi to Jesus?

6. Do you have a favorite ornament or two? Who gave them to you? What do they symbolize in your family? Take a minute to pray for the people who have contributed to your Christmas tree over the years.

7. What other Christmas symbols do you find on your tree? Are there candy canes, bells, or candles? How do these Christmas symbols point to Christ? 

The possibilities for meditation are endless and as unique as your Christmas tree. So over the next few days, pause on and off, take a good look at the Christmas tree, meditate a little on what it means to you as a Christian, and thank God for the greatest gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ.

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