Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Little Something Extra...Pentecost

A Prayer

Holy Spirit, You came upon the disciples with the sound of a strong, driving wind; blow through my life and sweep away everything that hinders me from growing closer to God.

Holy Spirit, You appeared as tongues of fire; inflame my heart with love.

Holy Spirit, a tongue of fire rested on each disciple, uniting them with You and with each other; help me always to remain in full communion with the Body of Christ.

Holy Spirit, through You the disciples had the power to speak in different tongues; open my lips to proclaim the Gospel, and give me the insight and creativity to present the Christian message in the way my hearers will best understand.

Holy Spirit, You give Christians the power to say, “Jesus is Lord”; help me to open my mind and heart that Jesus may always be Lord of my life.

Holy Spirit, You give each person gifts to build up the Body of Christ; inspire me that I may recognize my gifts and use them in service of God and neighbor.

Holy Spirit, when You enter someone's heart, You make Your fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control blossom there; may I always embrace these fruits and live them in the Kingdom of God.

Holy Spirit, You are the breath of God; breathe in me that I may have the strength and courage to accept and fulfill God's plan for me life.

Holy Spirit, You are the Advocate; guide and guard my heart and help me to stay on the right path, the path straight to God.

Holy Spirit, You are the Spirit of truth; teach me the fullness of truth.

Holy Spirit, You testify to the Father and the Son; fill my mind and heart with Your testimony that I, too, may testify to the Father and the Son and to You.

Holy Spirit, Your glorify the Father and the Son, may I, too, glorify them with my words and with my life.

Holy Spirit, saints and scholars have called You the Love that flows back and forth between the Father and the Son; pour this love into my heart that it may flow through me to all people.

Holy Spirit, Spirit of life and love, Spirit of wisdom and understanding, Spirit of reverence and joy, Spirit of the living God, grant me life, love, wisdom, understanding, reverence, joy, and all of Your wonderful gifts.

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