Friday, August 5, 2011


...the Pine County History blog! On my newest blog, you'll discover a whole bevy of fascinating facts, articles, photographs, newspaper excerpts, historical documents, and quizzes relating to the history of Pine County, Minnesota.

Pine County, which is located in East Central Minnesota, has a rich history. In fact, according to the Minnesota Preservation Center, Pine County is one of the most interesting and unique counties in the entire state of Minnesota. Over the years, the county has been home to Native American camps and burial grounds; logging endeavors; quarrying operations; a military road; railroads; agricultural activities; popular forests and lakes; and countless businesses, schools, churches, and organizations. This blog will examine all of these features with a special emphasis on the stories of Pine County's people.

Joining me in researching and writing this blog will be Pine County historians Jim Foster, LaJune Troolin, and Richard VanDerWerf.

Please check the Pine County History blog often because we hope to update frequently.

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