Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pentecost - A Prayer

Holy Spirit, Who came with a noise like a strong driving wind, blow an abundance of God's grace into my soul.

Holy Spirit, Who appeared as tongues of flame, set my heart on fire with love of God and other people.

Holy Spirit, Who rested on the disciples and filled them, rest in me, fill me, and change me from the inside out.

Holy Spirit, Who enabled the disciples to speak in tongues, give me the words and the courage to proclaim the Gospel.

Holy Spirit, Who allowed all those listening to the disciples to hear the Gospel in their own language, open my ears so that I may hear Your message everywhere, even in the most unexpected places.

Holy Spirit, Who gathered people from diverse regions and backgrounds into the Body of Christ, lead all Christians to unity.

Holy Spirit, Who teaches us to say “Jesus is Lord,” give me the strength to live what I profess.

Holy Spirit, Who gives different kinds of gifts, help me to use what You have given me to know God and serve others

Holy Spirit, Who was breathed out by Jesus, breathe into me the breath of eternal life.


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