Monday, May 30, 2011

Mary Coredemptrix - Part 12

Mary Coredemptrix: A Model for All Christians

          The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Immaculata and the Mother of Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, freely and actively cooperated with her Son in redeeming the human race. In doing so she became the “Coredemptrix,” the Woman with the Redeemer. This study has examined Mary’s coredemptive activity from several different angles: first, defining Mary Coredemptrix theologically through the lens of the six journalistic questions; second, analyzing Scriptural data to see how the Bible presents this Marian role; third, summarizing Sacred Tradition’s presentation and development of Mary Coredemptrix; and finally, exploring the teaching of the Magisterium on the Woman with the Redeemer. For this study to be complete, however, it must turn its attention to the significance of Mary Coredemptrix in the Catholic Church today. How can this doctrine help modern Catholics grow in their faith, hope, and love? As all good mothers, Mary is a model for her children. Christians are required to participate in the Redemption brought by Jesus Christ. They are invited to say “yes” to Jesus, to allow Him to come into their hearts and grow in them. They are called to intimate unity with their Savior. They are summoned to unite all of their sufferings with those of Jesus in order to make them valuable and redemptive. They are instructed to “make up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ, for the sake of the body, that is, the Church” (see Colossians 1:24). (180) Mary shows her children how to do all these things; she shows the Christian family how to be “coredeemers” with Christ. (181) Of course, Mary is unique as a Coredemptrix because only she, the Immaculata, the Mother of God, is able to actually acquire or merit graces with her Son in the process of objective Redemption, but all Christians must participate in distributing this treasury of graces (an activity properly labeled “subjective Redemption”) through their prayers and sufferings in union with Christ. (182) By following the example of their loving Mother, Mary Coredemptrix, Christians learn to love. They learn to love their Mother. They learn to love each other. They learn to love their Lord and Redeemer, Mary’s Son, their Brother, Jesus Christ.

Praised be Jesus Redeemer and Mary Coredemptrix!!!

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