Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Joy

The Lord is Risen! Rejoice! Alleluia!

Joy is a prominent theme in our Easter celebration, as it should be. Jesus has risen from the dead! He has conquered the enemy. He is alive, and He brings us a life more abundant than we can ever imagine, an actual participation in the divine life of the Blessed Trinity. He has opened for us the gates of Heaven, where we can be with Him, and with the Father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.

But are we joyful? Does our behavior reflect the gratitude we should have toward our risen King who has given us such wonderful gifts through His passion, death, and resurrection?

We often find our joy dimmed or even extinguished by the cares of life, our everyday trials, and our burdens of sorrow. We focus our attention on our pain, frustration, or exhaustion when we should be concentrating on our risen Lord and letting Him fill our hearts with the joy that overwhelms our troubles.

Jesus, You are risen! We thank You for this joyful Easter day. Please increase our joy throughout this Easter season and beyond so that we may joyfully live and share our faith in You, our risen Lord and King.

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