Monday, March 28, 2011


Images of America: Northern Pine County!!!

My co-author, Earl J. "Jim" Foster, and I are proud to announce the publication of our book, Images of America: Northern Pine County.

From the back cover:

"Featuring over 210 historic photographs, Images of America: Northern Pine County guides readers on an exciting journey into the past "as it explores the successes and sorrows, joys and trials of the people of Northern Pine County, Minnesota. Each chapter examines a unique aspect of daily life in Northern Pine County. Readers meet loggers and settlers from the county’s earliest days, catch a glimpse of many towns and villages, and encounter a variety of industries, business, schools, and churches that shaped the county’s economic and social landscape. Life was not easy for the people who called Northern Pine County home. On September 1, 1894, and again on October 12, 1918, forest fires devastated portions of the county, killing hundreds, destroying thousands of acres, and leaving large parts of the population homeless. While photographs cannot capture the heartache of fire victims, they do provide a window into Northern Pine County’s rich history and help tell the fascinating stories of its residents."

Interested readers can find the book on Amazon or email me to request an order form for a signed copy.

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