Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mini Meditation

Matthew 17:14-20 tells the story of an epileptic boy whose father brought him to Jesus for healing.  When the father approached the Lord's disciples, he learned that Jesus had taken Peter, James, and John and gone up onto the mountain to pray.  He didn't want to wait for Jesus to come back.  He was too impatient.  He wanted his son healed immediately.  Who could blame him really?  The boy was suffering horribly, and his life was constantly in danger from falling into fire or water.  So the father asked the disciples to heal the boy, and while they tried, they could not do it.  Without Jesus' healing power, the disciples were helpless.  The father was left disappointed and the boy still afflicted.  When Jesus came down from the mountain, He did heal the boy, but He also scolded the father and His disciples for their lack of faith.

We can apply this story to our own lives by asking a few questions.

*Do we wait for the Lord, or are we impatient and try to do our own thing with our own timing?  
*Do we seek the Lord and His power, or do we settle for "second best"?  
*Do we realize that God's timing is perfect and that He allows suffering and hardship for a reason?
*Do we have enough faith in the Lord?
*How might we grow in faith? 

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