Friday, December 3, 2010

The Weekly Bookworm: Angels

The Weekly Bookworm: Angels

Angels are trendy these days. Store shelves are stocked with everything from angel calendars and stationary to angel figurines and throw pillows. But how much do people really know about these heavenly spirits who serve as God's messengers? In most cases, not much. The following books offer some insight into our angelic guardians and friends. Please use caution when choosing books about angels; while those listed here are all written by devout Catholic authors, there are many angel books that lean toward or even enthusiastically embrace the new age movement.

Books on Angels

1. Angels of God by Mike Aquilina

Mike Aquilina's book on angels measures right up to his volumes on the early Church and the Church Fathers. Aquilina examines angels as they appear in the Bible, in our worship, and in our lives. This is a great book for those who want to learn “angel basics” from a faith-filled, Catholic perspective.

2. Heavenly Army of Angels by Bob and Penny Lord

This book focuses on the role of angels in miraculous events and in the lives of the saints. Even though the writing isn't the smoothest or best, the book still offers a fascinating and inspiring account of angelic intervention throughout the centuries.

3. The Light of Love by Patricia Devlin

I love this book! Patricia Devlin is an incredible person and a victim soul chosen to be the chronicler of the angels, who communicate God's messages through her to us. This book must be read slowly and meditatively, so plan to spend plenty of time on it.

4. Where Angels Walk by Joan Wester Anderson

This is one of several books about angels and/or miracles by Joan Wester Anderson. They all focus on the loving touch of God in the daily lives of regular people and are especially helpful for necessary “faith boosts” during difficult times. Miracles do happen!


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